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Oh yeah – celebrity hair extensions

Whilst I always knew that celebrities were styled and dressed, airbrushed in their magazines photo shoots, and primped and primed with make-up artists and hair stylists, I always thought their hair itself was somehow naturally luscious, long, and luminescent. How else does every famous person seem to pull off every other hair style at an awards ceremony or red carpet? The secret I discovered is hair extensions. Read more

Your must-have rugs Australia

I love sharing all of my great design inspirations and especially when I luck out and find affordable home design pieces that my readers can buy and enjoy in their own homes. So this week’s must haves are fresh, fun, and flavourful rugs Australia for every room in your house. Read more

What to consider in your kitchen design?

Are you designing a brand new kitchen and unsure of where to start or what choices you will need to make for your kitchen design? Here are some things that you will need to think about.

What finishes do you want see throughout your kitchen? Do you want a laminate or marble bench top? Do you want a stainless steel or tiled splashback? Or are timber and custom made cabinetry your preference.

How about appliances…Are you considering top of the line fridges and dishwashers or will something more basic suit your needs? Are you a cook or a chef, this will help you determine the need for multiple stove burners and double ovens.

For the best advice on your kitchen design choices and more go here

Don’t box your head in just get packing boxes

I recently helped some friends move out of their leased rental and in to their first home as owners, and one of the hardest parts was packing boxes. Unfortunately they were trying to do everything on the cheap and that meant cutting costs when it came to packing materials so I was forced to try and shove breakables in to bags and clothes in to suitcases. Read more

Get storage savvy with garage storage systems

Having enough cupboards and storage space is essential for most people in their homes. However, if you are first home buyers there are other deal breakers that take preference over laundry cupboards and shelving, as it is hard to come by a place that ticks absolutely every box. Read more

Better Event Catering For Better Events

People remember bad speeches, bad dresses and bad food. When you hear about a function or event these are statistically, the most common things people are going to mention. To an extent they are the points of difference by which events are distinguished. Of course there are other factors, but really nailing your event catering is a sure way into peoples memories because food is just so personal and universal.

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Putting Binds on Melbourne

While recently renovating our home I did a lot of research into Melbourne furnishing companies who provided quality products at affordable prices. I was looking for some new ideas, something different, something that brightened up our new space.

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The Perfect Wedding in Melbourne

I love the idea of a destination wedding but it’s all a bit much really and that’s what I think I loved about Rachel’s. This last weekend we were out in Werribee, which is not quite so exotic as Bali but it’s also decidedly more convenient. It’s all about the aspect anyway, the food, the service, the company and of course, the property.

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Hot and cold blooded than heating and cooling Melbourne is right for you!

I have always been very cold blooded. I do not mean that I am a cold or ruthless perron, only that I feel the cold instantly and it only takes dropping a couple degrees below summer weather and I’m shivering for a jacket and a cup of tea. Read more

Nailed My Driving Test

Failing my driving test was not an option for me. Having failed my learners the first time I just couldn’t stomach the embarrassment of it all when trying to get my P’s. When you turn 18 you just want to be able to drive so when mum offered to pay for me to have lessons at Excel Drive I was really appreciative.

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