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A New Kind of Kitchen Design for Melbourne

You get tired of the same kitchens you see in homes all over our fair city. For a place so obsessed with food you’d think people would be a bit more adventurous. All these cool new age design companies have been driving home the idea of the importance of a thoughtful and creative workspace and that’s exactly what you want for your kitchen.

I was at an expo recently and one particular display caught my attention. RMS Natural Stone Traders have been around a long time and they build kitchens to last but somehow, they manage to wed timeless with innovative and thoughtful. The displays looked great but also supremely functional, I was very impressed with what they are doing with kitchen design Melbourne.


#1 of 52 Weekly Projects Completed

Well, it took more time than I thought, but I finally finished!  I’m still in the early learning stages of knitting, and am not nearly as comfortable doing that as I am crochet, but I really wanted to do a pretty hat for my girls.

001 (1)

This is the Little Fair Isle Hat From Purl Bee.

I used a cream colored Alpaca yarn with a multicolored sock yarn for this hat.  I really like how it came out.  It’s a pretty simple pattern, especially for a pattern with multiple colors.  This is a picture of my 8 year old wearing it just after I finished.  I still needed to block the hat.

I washed the hat by hand in the sink, and wow, the alpaca was dirty!  I thought it would be since there was a bit of hay and grass in the yarn that I had to pick out as I went.  Once I rinsed the hat and removed the excess water, I placed it on my glass mannequin head, shaped it, and it will stay there until it’s completely dried.

Now, I followed the pattern exactly.  I would change a couple things about this next time around…

  • I would pick a slightly larger yarn.  It would fill out the stitches better for a more solid look.
  • The colored yarn would be more tonal, meaning all one color, but in different shades, rather than the multiple colors.
  • I need better stitch markers.  I used ones that were a bit too big, and I was always afraid that I would break one while moving the stitches around.

Not too bad.  I hope to keep up with my “resolution” to finish 52 projects this year.

Braided Apple Pie



How pretty, right? I goofed on the left end. I should have folded those in before the rest of the strips got there to make it a cleaner looking end. Eh, oh well, not that anyone here is going to care:)
I used a white bread recipe ( and a can of apple pie filling, which I hate to use since it’s so easy to make, but hey, I had a can and figured I better use it.


I cut a couple strips in too far and can see the apples inside. I’d hoped that it didn’t create too much of a mess on my pan.  Luckily, it didn’t!

This is such an easy recipe as is, but you could always buy a frozen loaf of bread dough, thaw it, and then roll it out.  Once it’s a good-sized  rectangle.  Pour the apple pie mix in the center of the dough, leaving at least 3 inches of dough on all sides.  Cut the strips to within a half-inch of the apples, the just alternate sides, pulling up one strip at a time, up and over the apples.

Pretty cool, right?