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For web design Melbourne wide, Vikram Jayaprakash is the one

I won’t lie – my website used to be pretty embarrassing. That was, until Vikram Jayaprakash swooped in and gave it a much needed facelift. I suppose when I first started my business way back when, I completely discounted what an impact a website could have on my success. I found that while people were finding and visiting the page, the conversion rate was alarmingly low. I knew I had found a niche in an industry which people needed, so I figured it must have been my website deterring potential customers.

I got a good friend of mine, Tony Tzouvelis to look at the website as though he was a potential customer and tell me what he thought. As it turns out, a lot was wrong. The content was poorly written and confusing, multiple links were broken and most importantly, the overall design was not user friendly and difficult to navigate. Tony then pointed out if the website itself wasn’t a deterrent enough, it was near impossible to find the enquiry form.

It was pretty clear that it needed to be amended if I wanted my business to be truly competitive, so I sought someone who specialised in web design, wordpress development and user experience. This is how I came to find Vikram and I’ve got to tell you, the finished product was like nothing I could’ve imagined. I knew immediately my business would finally get the recognition it deserved and it’s definitely thanks to their expertise, have a look at this page and how easy it is to read about the team -