Well hello there! Let me introduce myself. I’m Johnny Bravo, owner of Mommy Im Perfecta. I’m a 36 year old married father of two beautiful daughters (ages 5 and 8). We all living the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. I just wish that we had all four seasons, with actual snow in the winter, and sun every day in the summer.

I worked for years at a local pharmacy as a pharmacy technician where I took care of pretty much anything that was thrown at me. After the birth of my youngest daughter, I decided that I needed a change, and found a job at a major insurance company as an analyst working Medicare Part D (prescription) appeals and grievances. Now, nearly five years later, I am still there working full time. I was lucky enough to be moved to a work-at-home position a couple years ago, and that helps a lot with keeping up with my girls and the household as a stay at home dad.

I have a lot of interests and like to learn new talents and hobbies. I now bake, blog, sell things online and am an internet addict. That’s what I can think of just off hand. I also plan on getting a spinning wheel sometime this year! I found a lady locally that has agreed to teach me to spin. She tells me I can teach her how to make mozzarella cheese, once I perfect it.

I like the challenge of trying to learn new things. I always say “I just want to see if I can do it.” And If I end up enjoying it, well, I just add it to my list of talents! Perhaps this blog is just another challenge. I am not a very open person. I’m an introvert, and tend to like quiet and can go hours without communicating to another person with no problems. But, being a dad, that rarely happens. I’m working my way out of that shell, little by little. So, I apologize for not sharing much “personal” items. I’m working on it, honest ;-)

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