Better Risk Management

We had an incident recently in the shop that could have worked out a whole lot worse than it did. I won’t go into too much detail but it involved a few of my guys and a pretty expensive bit of machinery we have in the back for bigger jobs. They were being a bit careless after a big night and were lucky not to be pretty seriously injured. As it went, they just wrecked the machine and a bit of stock, which is expensive, but no one was really hurt.

The human element is what makes my business tick but it also presents a dangerous liability. The incident really got me thinking about risk management and how I can’t afford to continue being laissez fare about it… I like a relaxed work place but you can only relax if you’re sure of being safe. I spoke to Work Pro because I’d heard they were the best. They’ve been working wonders over the last few weeks, I’m a big fan. Take a look at their risk management training here:

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