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Lolly Tower Hamper for kids

As a kid, what is the next best alternative to show bags from the Royal Melbourne Show? The answer is most certainly kid-friendly hampers. Sometimes in the late weeks of September it is hard to get the whole family together on the weekend to go to the show, not to mention the infinite queues, crowds of people, smell of animals and sound of crying kids.

In order to make it up to my kids for not going to the show, when Christmas comes around I like to reward them with what is called the ‘Lolly Tower’. It is a Christmas hamper designed and assembled for the kids. A 3 tiered tower with all your childhood favourites including Chocolate Hearts, it is a real treat for your kids or the inner kid inside of you.

Better Event Catering For Better Events

People remember bad speeches, bad dresses and bad food. When you hear about a function or event these are statistically, the most common things people are going to mention. To an extent they are the points of difference by which events are distinguished. Of course there are other factors, but really nailing your event catering is a sure way into peoples memories because food is just so personal and universal.

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#1 of 52 Weekly Projects Completed

Well, it took more time than I thought, but I finally finished!  I’m still in the early learning stages of knitting, and am not nearly as comfortable doing that as I am crochet, but I really wanted to do a pretty hat for my girls.

001 (1)

This is the Little Fair Isle Hat From Purl Bee.

I used a cream colored Alpaca yarn with a multicolored sock yarn for this hat.  I really like how it came out.  It’s a pretty simple pattern, especially for a pattern with multiple colors.  This is a picture of my 8 year old wearing it just after I finished.  I still needed to block the hat.

I washed the hat by hand in the sink, and wow, the alpaca was dirty!  I thought it would be since there was a bit of hay and grass in the yarn that I had to pick out as I went.  Once I rinsed the hat and removed the excess water, I placed it on my glass mannequin head, shaped it, and it will stay there until it’s completely dried.

Now, I followed the pattern exactly.  I would change a couple things about this next time around…

  • I would pick a slightly larger yarn.  It would fill out the stitches better for a more solid look.
  • The colored yarn would be more tonal, meaning all one color, but in different shades, rather than the multiple colors.
  • I need better stitch markers.  I used ones that were a bit too big, and I was always afraid that I would break one while moving the stitches around.

Not too bad.  I hope to keep up with my “resolution” to finish 52 projects this year.