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Why I buy shoes online Australia

I absolutely love to buy shoes online Australia! I have no qualms admitting that I am a shopaholic but I work really hard during the week so that I can splurge on my favourite obsession which is shoes, and celebrate my achievements by looking great when I go out on the weekend.

The reason that I love to buy shoes online Australia is because I am at the office very weekday and I don’t want to spend my entire weekend in a shopping centre. I want to be ready to wear my clothes come Saturday and show them off.

Buying shoes online means that I can get them delivered straight to my desk and even get the opinions of my fashion friendly colleagues at work before I confirm my purchase and parade my shoes from

The Humble Garden Cubby

I built my first cubby with my brother when we were kids and it was the headquarters of all our adventures. We were lucky to grow up with an amazing garden and I wanted the same for my kids. We have had the garden for a long time but the kids never really used it quite as much as we would have liked. Last year we decided to try and do something about it and after a bit of shopping around, we got in touch with Lifespan Kids.

Lifespan Kids have a great range of equipment for children and we looked through the rage a bit and decided to have someone come out and take a look at our garden. They ended up suggesting we get a cubby, swings and a trampoline and helped us with layout and all the rest. In a few weeks everything was set up and ready to rock and the only challenge now is getting the kids inside for dinner.

Home Gym Equipment

A home gym was something I’ve always dreamed of and when we finally got the renovations done, that dream was realized. I spent a lot of time researching different bits of equipment and have opted to slowly acquire top quality gear as our funds permit it.

My partner in crime for this endeavour quickly became an online company, Lifespan Fitness.

Lifespan Fitness have pretty much everything you could ever need and go right up to professional grade equipment including Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes and Rowing Machines.

You get to make a pretty good saving because they do everything online but being in Australia, there is till someone around to arrange everything and help you troubleshoot with installation etc.

If you’re after gym equipment they are about as good as it gets, look them up!

Rapt With Our Vehicle Wrap

We’ve just started a small food van business to take advantage of the craze sweeping Melbourne at the moment. For us, getting a great vehicle wrap was something we took really seriously. We spent a lot of time on the inside of the van because fit out was important to us and together with the vehicle wrap, we saw this as our key priority.

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Dealing With The Underlap: Moving Storage

Another handy tip when moving is to try and overlap by a small but manageable margin of time. If the worst-case scenario is unavoidable and you have to be out of the old place before you can move into the new one, you’re in for some serious inconvenience.

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Better Risk Management

We had an incident recently in the shop that could have worked out a whole lot worse than it did. I won’t go into too much detail but it involved a few of my guys and a pretty expensive bit of machinery we have in the back for bigger jobs. They were being a bit careless after a big night and were lucky not to be pretty seriously injured. As it went, they just wrecked the machine and a bit of stock, which is expensive, but no one was really hurt.

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A Capable Carpenter in Melbourne

I’m not one for superlatives and am rarely impressed by the sort of work done by tradies and carpenters when they come calling at my properties. I guess the cost to get work done has increased so much over the years that so have my expectations but you rarely come across a company or individual that has raised the bar.

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Get storage savvy with garage storage systems

Having enough cupboards and storage space is essential for most people in their homes. However, if you are first home buyers there are other deal breakers that take preference over laundry cupboards and shelving, as it is hard to come by a place that ticks absolutely every box. Read more

Better Event Catering For Better Events

People remember bad speeches, bad dresses and bad food. When you hear about a function or event these are statistically, the most common things people are going to mention. To an extent they are the points of difference by which events are distinguished. Of course there are other factors, but really nailing your event catering is a sure way into peoples memories because food is just so personal and universal.

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Putting Binds on Melbourne

While recently renovating our home I did a lot of research into Melbourne furnishing companies who provided quality products at affordable prices. I was looking for some new ideas, something different, something that brightened up our new space.

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