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Come home to Glen Waverley real estate

What makes a house feel like a home? This is the question that I have been asking myself of late and as I have been taking a practical approach to property searches I decided that it was high time to consider the emotional draw of places like Glen Waverley real estate. Read more

Dealing With The Underlap: Moving Storage

Another handy tip when moving is to try and overlap by a small but manageable margin of time. If the worst-case scenario is unavoidable and you have to be out of the old place before you can move into the new one, you’re in for some serious inconvenience.

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A Capable Carpenter in Melbourne

I’m not one for superlatives and am rarely impressed by the sort of work done by tradies and carpenters when they come calling at my properties. I guess the cost to get work done has increased so much over the years that so have my expectations but you rarely come across a company or individual that has raised the bar.

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What to consider in your kitchen design?

Are you designing a brand new kitchen and unsure of where to start or what choices you will need to make for your kitchen design? Here are some things that you will need to think about.

What finishes do you want see throughout your kitchen? Do you want a laminate or marble bench top? Do you want a stainless steel or tiled splashback? Or are timber and custom made cabinetry your preference.

How about appliances…Are you considering top of the line fridges and dishwashers or will something more basic suit your needs? Are you a cook or a chef, this will help you determine the need for multiple stove burners and double ovens.

For the best advice on your kitchen design choices and more go here

Don’t box your head in just get packing boxes

I recently helped some friends move out of their leased rental and in to their first home as owners, and one of the hardest parts was packing boxes. Unfortunately they were trying to do everything on the cheap and that meant cutting costs when it came to packing materials so I was forced to try and shove breakables in to bags and clothes in to suitcases. Read more

Hot and cold blooded than heating and cooling Melbourne is right for you!

I have always been very cold blooded. I do not mean that I am a cold or ruthless perron, only that I feel the cold instantly and it only takes dropping a couple degrees below summer weather and I’m shivering for a jacket and a cup of tea. Read more

A New Kind of Kitchen Design for Melbourne

You get tired of the same kitchens you see in homes all over our fair city. For a place so obsessed with food you’d think people would be a bit more adventurous. All these cool new age design companies have been driving home the idea of the importance of a thoughtful and creative workspace and that’s exactly what you want for your kitchen.

I was at an expo recently and one particular display caught my attention. RMS Natural Stone Traders have been around a long time and they build kitchens to last but somehow, they manage to wed timeless with innovative and thoughtful. The displays looked great but also supremely functional, I was very impressed with what they are doing with kitchen design Melbourne.