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Proper Emergency Electrician in Melbourne

Having a proper electrical emergency is a terrifying situation.

We had a party in May, in the backyard and a lot went into organising this thing.

It’s true that parties at your own place are the most expensive and the most difficult but we have a beautiful garden and really wanted to take advantage of it.

After all the organisation, about 10 minutes before guests were supposed to start arriving, the power went out and whatever we tried, we couldn’t get it back on.

Briggs Electrical and Data Solutions were the only emergency electrician in Melbourne that could come out on short notice and they even brought a generator to make sure the party would go off without a hitch.

They really saved us when it mattered, this is why I just had to give them praise and share my experience I had with them.

The Humble Garden Cubby

I built my first cubby with my brother when we were kids and it was the headquarters of all our adventures. We were lucky to grow up with an amazing garden and I wanted the same for my kids. We have had the garden for a long time but the kids never really used it quite as much as we would have liked. Last year we decided to try and do something about it and after a bit of shopping around, we got in touch with Lifespan Kids.

Lifespan Kids have a great range of equipment for children and we looked through the rage a bit and decided to have someone come out and take a look at our garden. They ended up suggesting we get a cubby, swings and a trampoline and helped us with layout and all the rest. In a few weeks everything was set up and ready to rock and the only challenge now is getting the kids inside for dinner.

Home Gym Equipment

A home gym was something I’ve always dreamed of and when we finally got the renovations done, that dream was realized. I spent a lot of time researching different bits of equipment and have opted to slowly acquire top quality gear as our funds permit it.

My partner in crime for this endeavour quickly became an online company, Lifespan Fitness.

Lifespan Fitness have pretty much everything you could ever need and go right up to professional grade equipment including Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes and Rowing Machines.

You get to make a pretty good saving because they do everything online but being in Australia, there is till someone around to arrange everything and help you troubleshoot with installation etc.

If you’re after gym equipment they are about as good as it gets, look them up!

Come home to Glen Waverley real estate

What makes a house feel like a home? This is the question that I have been asking myself of late and as I have been taking a practical approach to property searches I decided that it was high time to consider the emotional draw of places like Glen Waverley real estate. Read more

A Capable Carpenter in Melbourne

I’m not one for superlatives and am rarely impressed by the sort of work done by tradies and carpenters when they come calling at my properties. I guess the cost to get work done has increased so much over the years that so have my expectations but you rarely come across a company or individual that has raised the bar.

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Putting Binds on Melbourne

While recently renovating our home I did a lot of research into Melbourne furnishing companies who provided quality products at affordable prices. I was looking for some new ideas, something different, something that brightened up our new space.

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The Perfect Wedding in Melbourne

I love the idea of a destination wedding but it’s all a bit much really and that’s what I think I loved about Rachel’s. This last weekend we were out in Werribee, which is not quite so exotic as Bali but it’s also decidedly more convenient. It’s all about the aspect anyway, the food, the service, the company and of course, the property.

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A New Kind of Kitchen Design for Melbourne

You get tired of the same kitchens you see in homes all over our fair city. For a place so obsessed with food you’d think people would be a bit more adventurous. All these cool new age design companies have been driving home the idea of the importance of a thoughtful and creative workspace and that’s exactly what you want for your kitchen.

I was at an expo recently and one particular display caught my attention. RMS Natural Stone Traders have been around a long time and they build kitchens to last but somehow, they manage to wed timeless with innovative and thoughtful. The displays looked great but also supremely functional, I was very impressed with what they are doing with kitchen design Melbourne.