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Matchmaking Member Overview

We’re extremely selective with whom we take in the Executive Matchmaking community. In 2017, we had a whole acceptance rate of 22%. We do this to make sure we devote the required time and resources into every customer’s search. We’re dedicated to helping our members reach their relationship and union objectives! Keep reading to discover more about who our members are and what they seek in a partner.

Matchmaking members are a really diverse group.

Our customers are highly educated. 80% earned their bachelors, graduate, or masters level, and 14 percent have attained a PhD (not a small feat!) . But, we also have members that are high-school dropouts are currently running million dollar businesses! College level or not, our associates are self-driven and enthused in their life’s work.

90% state globetrotting is one of the most important hobbies, and they need a partner with whom to travel. A small percent of our customers even state disliking travelling is a deal breaker.

The majority of our members find someone who’s close with their loved ones and wants the same with their spouse.

Term life insurance for when your time comes

If you have reached pensioners age or are approaching your retirement it may be time to reassess you policies and term life insurance. You may be as fit and healthy as you were in your forties and feel like you are thirty but these milestones in life are good reminders that you need to prepare for the later stages in life.

If you are lucky enough to have had a family in life, a successful marriage and children, even grandchildren you want to make sure that you can set them up and that all of your hard working life meant something.

Going to The Insurance Quoter for advice on term life insurance is the best thing that you could do. It means that they will guide you to get a guaranteed lump sum payment for your family when you are gone.