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Braided Apple Pie



How pretty, right? I goofed on the left end. I should have folded those in before the rest of the strips got there to make it a cleaner looking end. Eh, oh well, not that anyone here is going to care:)
I used a white bread recipe ( and a can of apple pie filling, which I hate to use since it’s so easy to make, but hey, I had a can and figured I better use it.


I cut a couple strips in too far and can see the apples inside. I’d hoped that it didn’t create too much of a mess on my pan.  Luckily, it didn’t!

This is such an easy recipe as is, but you could always buy a frozen loaf of bread dough, thaw it, and then roll it out.  Once it’s a good-sized  rectangle.  Pour the apple pie mix in the center of the dough, leaving at least 3 inches of dough on all sides.  Cut the strips to within a half-inch of the apples, the just alternate sides, pulling up one strip at a time, up and over the apples.

Pretty cool, right?