Dealing With The Underlap: Moving Storage

Another handy tip when moving is to try and overlap by a small but manageable margin of time. If the worst-case scenario is unavoidable and you have to be out of the old place before you can move into the new one, you’re in for some serious inconvenience.

Known in the bizz as the ‘underlap,’ this is that annoying window of purgatory between your two available residences or offices. If you’re lucky you can shack up with a friend or partner or (in the case of offices) work out of home, but what to do with all your stuff.

Some storage providers, like Warrigal Rd. Self Store, provide moving storage, which is great in this sort of scenario. They will provide you with a removal trailer they can store for you fully loaded till you’re ready to cart it on to your new home, halving the amount of packing/unpacking involved. Hooray! Find out more here

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