Rapt With Our Vehicle Wrap

We’ve just started a small food van business to take advantage of the craze sweeping Melbourne at the moment. For us, getting a great vehicle wrap was something we took really seriously. We spent a lot of time on the inside of the van because fit out was important to us and together with the vehicle wrap, we saw this as our key priority.

When you start a restaurant you spend a fortune perfecting your interior for functionality and style because it makes a statement about your business and plays a big role in creating the atmosphere for diners. We looked at our fit out and vehicle wrap in the same way and Motagraphics were the only company we spoke to that seemed capable of creating what we had in mind. The reality is even better than the dream and that’s a long way from what we had expected. These guys can do anything, visit their website: http://www.motagraphics.com.au/CarWraps.aspx

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