The Perfect Wedding in Melbourne

I love the idea of a destination wedding but it’s all a bit much really and that’s what I think I loved about Rachel’s. This last weekend we were out in Werribee, which is not quite so exotic as Bali but it’s also decidedly more convenient. It’s all about the aspect anyway, the food, the service, the company and of course, the property.

Rachel organised for us all to stay in a Lancemore property, the Mansion Hotel & Spa and they had the reception on the grounds there. We had the use of the facilities on the Friday evening, getting pampered together in the Spa while the boys did whatever boys do. The Saturday and Sunday were just magical as the hotel was spectacular and everything went so smoothly. Was a great way to have a wedding in Melbourne and one of the best I’ve been to. Visit Lancemore for great Melbourne wedding ideas:

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